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Your credit score

How to improve it

Business startup

Line of credit/loan

Working capital

Help you finance your business’ everyday operations.

Equity loan

To improve your financial situation.

Improvement of your credit score

Your credit score is lower than expected and you don’t understand why? Our team of specialists will take the time to analyze your credit file and will provide you with a detailed report in which they will present your credit history and current credit situation and advise you on steps you can take to improve your credit score.

To start to straighten your credit score out, contact our professional team now!

Thorough analysis

Detailed report

Business startup

You found a brilliant idea and you built your business plan. Now, the only thing left to do is to find financing to start your business! Emprunt.ca offers a solutions that fits your needs and will allow you to save time and money. Whether it is through a loan or a line of credit, our team of experts will help you achieve your project!

Contact us without delay and start your business!

Approval within 72h

Loan or line of credit

up to $50 000

Working capital

The working capital credit can help you finance your business’ everyday operations.

This kind of financing can help you :

  • Develop your line of products to stay competitive on the market
  • Invest in your Go-to-Market strategy (marketing, quality improvement, etc.)
  • Increase your sales
  • Hire more skilled labor

Contact us and have your business switch to second gear!

To qualify,

your business must generate incomes for more than two years.

Loans up to $100 000

Some conditions apply

Equity loan

An equity loan will allow you to get quickly access to funds to improve your financial situation. Whether it is for a new purchase or to pay off debts to a supplier or a creditor, Emprunt.ca is there to help you and facilitate your process with the financial institutions.

What is an equity loan exactly? To get an equity loan, you need an asset «X» that you can give in guarantee. It is a quick solution because your guarantees are taken into consideration.

Contact our specialists so they can analyze your needs and suggest a solution adapted to your situation.

To get an equity loan,

you need an asset «X»

Loans up to $250 000

Some conditions apply

Private loaner

Going through a private loaner instead of traditional banks to get financing could be the best solution for your project! The private loan are usually less restrictive than the ones granted by the banks, therefore, your approval is often faster.

The benefits of this kind of loan:

  • Excellent short term solution
  • Quick solution to develop new projects
  • Solution rapide pour développer un nouveau projet.
  • An addition to traditional loans

No matter what your financing needs are, contact our experts! They will guide you to find the best resource.

Approval within 72h


to develop a new project!

Seniors’ residences

Since December 2015, all existing private seniors’ residences must conform to the requirements of the mandatory installation of sprinkler systems before 2020.

Although the ministère de la Santé et des services sociaux offers financial aid, the steps and delays to get it are complex.

Between the payments of the government’s financial aid, the owners of private seniors’ residences still need to find funds to pay the construction work on their buildings.

In order to help you obtain additional financing with financial institutions, Emprunt.ca will take your case in charge from beginning to end. Our team will make sure to find a solution adapted to your situation with the best conditions.

Contact our team et get peace of mind for the financing of your construction work!